P-M Grapevine

Edition 1: Dec. 13, 2012

Friendships and memories made at Perry-Mansfield often hold a special place in our heart. Do you ever wonder where your fellow alumni and the amazing faculty you practiced with are now? Stay up to date on all the exciting happenings and whereabouts of your fellow Perry-Mansfield alumni with the P-M Grapevine. This monthly publication will be posted on the P-M blog Around the Campfire and pulled together by our Alumni Reunion Chair, Karolynn Lestrud. The P-M Grapevine will have short snippets and updates on P-M alum and cherished stories of the past. If you are interested in being featured in the Grapevine or just want to tell us a great story of your time at P-M, be sure to fill out our Alumni Connections survey. Enjoy!


Dear P-M Alumni,

Thanks to all the alums that have begun to respond to our request for info about where you are now, what you did at camp, and news you’d like to share.  I’m a volunteer, working with the camp archives.  I may share tidbits I uncover there as well as passing on news I receive from all of you.  We’d like to create a wonderful book of memories for our Centennial next year, so send us your stories, your photos, or other memorabilia you might have that will help us tell the P-M story.  Please forward the Grapevine to other P-Mers you might know so they can share our old and new stories.  Our records are a work in progress so we’d appreciate any help you can give us in contacting other alums – both campers and faculty/staff.

Thanks for your help with this.

Karolynn Lestrud, Perry-Mansfield Alumni Reunion Chair


Michael Kelly Bruce – MKB

Dance professor at Ohio State and 12 summers (1967-89) at P-M.  Buddy’s Bench is still in place and waiting for whomever is taking Buddy’s place today.  MKB would like to work on some sort of event to honor the memory of what Harriet Ann Gray meant to so many of you.  Any helpers out there?

Ryan Serhant

New Works 2004.  Ryan worked on “As The World Turns” and did a variety of off-Broadway stints.  He moved on to real estate and now stars in Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing NY.”

Nancy Evans Begley

1994-96.  Works in jewelry design for John Atencio.  Serves as a cantor in Denver area synagogues.  Performs in musical theater.

Judy Hofmeister

1981-84.  10 years professional career in musical theater and then on to teaching at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock.  She is helping to rewrite the Colorado Dance Standards and is a facilitator for the Dance Curriculum Project. Judi is also our P-M Alumni Coordinator!

Marilyn Morrow Finley

1969 & 1971.  Earned a degree from Northwestern.  Professional actor a few years and is now in advertising.  Marilyn remembers that “nature and art are magnificent companions.

Mark Shepard

1980-81.  Did set construction on “Little Mary Sunshine” and “Annie Get Your Gun” after learning about P-M from Chuck Harrington.

Phoebe Cushman

Counselor 1992.  Remembers with fondness taking morning dance classes in “the crisp mountain air”.  Took her first yoga class at camp and is still a dedicated practitioner.

Joe Hill

2005-10 and 2012.  Currently a student at U. of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.  Joe shared thoughts of P-M:  “I just love the friends. I’ll never forget the support from everyone whether it be in an acting class with students a lot older than I was and everyone put out a hand to help me or if it was a dance class where I was not a dancer and all the dance majors still loved to watch me grow. I feel like P-M is the best place in the world for people who are interested in the artistic side of art and not the business of it and I loved that mentality.”