Perry-Mansfield’s financial aid program is intended to help provide outstanding young artists some assistance to further their artistic development. No family should be discouraged from applying to Perry-Mansfield because of a lack of funds. We welcome a broad cross section of families who believe in their children and in their ability to succeed.

Need-Based Aid

The Financial Aid Committee determines eligibility for need-based aid through a thorough review of a family’s income documentation. Aid amounts vary depending on the length and cost of the program and the family’s income level. Available funding is limited and need-based financial aid will only cover a portion of the tuition cost.

The majority of aid is available for students in our residential camp programs, Professional Dance, Pre-Professional Intensive Theatre and Dance, and Young Artist Intensive Theatre and Dance.

How to Apply for Need-Based Aid

  • In the camp application, indicate your interest in applying for financial aid.
  1. Upload a copy of your 2015 federal income tax form 1040. (International applicants must submit an official Verification of Salary for each parent or guardian. This document must be in English.)
  2. Complete a maximum 100 word essay outlining why you desire financial aid and any special circumstances the committee should consider.
  3. Send these documents to no later than February 15, 2017 to be considered for financial aid for the 2017 camp season. Please include “Financial Aid request” in the subject line of your e-mail. If you are selected to receive financial aid, you will be notified by March 1, 2017.

Admissions decisions are need-blind, however failure to upload income documentation at the time of application may result in delays and could affect eligibility for financial aid since awards are made at the time of admission. It is recommended that applicants who are seeking financial aid have a PDF copy of their tax documents ready before beginning the application process.

Merit Scholarships

Perry-Mansfield provides a limited number of merit scholarships for some of its most qualified candidates. No financial documentation is required. Only applicants for admission to programs requiring an audition will be considered for merit scholarships. If you are awarded a partial merit scholarship and require additional financial assistance to attend Perry-Mansfield, you may also be considered for need-based aid. Please complete your request for financial aid as outlined above.